Why Python for Kids?

Python is the world’s most popular programming language and the main programming language for most developers. Python is used by many different people and companies to do many different things ranging from game and web development to AI and machine learning.

One of the main reasons for Python’s popularity is its emphasis on readability and the use of natural language, which makes it very easy to learn. Some other advantages of Python include its ability to be used in nearly all environments and its efficiency and flexibility. According to numerous sources, Python is the best programming language for children to start the coding journey with; this is because kids can easily grasp Python and begin to create with it, and it will remain relevant for a long time. Many things today are built using Python, for example, web development.

Because Python is not as straightforward as for say, Scratch, children will need to use their problem-solving skills, logic, and a bit of their creativity to understand it. As mentioned before, Python has a big emphasis on readability and the use of natural language; so you will be able to understand some entry-level lines of code by just looking at it and using your logic. “if” means if, “else” means else, “get” means get etc. So this can encourage kids to experiment with the coding environment and get some basic understanding of Python before they get into more advanced areas.

Many other programming languages are quite hard to set up and be able to run correctly, and that is pretty intimidating for beginners because a big chunk of their efforts will be put into setting up the environment. It is entirely the opposite in Python, however. If you have Windows, Python can be installed to be used correctly in just 3 easy steps!

So Python is a great programming language which is an excellent language for children or beginners. It is also one of the most relevant languages even at the super-advanced levels; even NASA uses Python in many of their areas!