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At Codiska, we pursue the aim of promoting easy access learning for all children all over the world. Our team consists of Education Experts, Cognitive Scientists, Programmers and Data Scientists who have firsthand experience with the positive benefits of learning programming for kids, and want to help others have the same experience. We strongly believe that “Unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students.”

Codiska was created on the concept that learning programming for children develops their key skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking; it improves their self-confidence and lets them acquire a new way of thinking and seeing the world, and be producers of technology and not mere consumers. That is why Codiska offers a global platform that enables all kids to learn programming in a fun and interactive way in their native language.


How it Works?

About Us - Codiska

Project-based Learning

Learning material and project for each month, which breaks down into weekly phases.

Mentoring Sessions

1-1 mentoring session each week (25 mins. each session), discussing and giving feedback on project progress.

About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska

Group Sessions

Weekly group sessions in which your child presents their unique solutions for the project to their groupmates, developing their communication skills.

Why should your child learn to code with Codiska?

Carefully designed curriculum

The kids are taught programming while working on fun projects with weekly milestones.

Learn coding in your children’s native language

Coding is a universal language - but most courses are in English. This is why we offer courses in different languages (and more to come) to truly give all kids an equal chance to learn coding.

100% digital and flexible

All kids should be able to learn to code regardless where they are located. They only need a computer and internet access.

Affordable and adaptable

We offer our course at affordable prices in a subscription model; sign up for a month or more - you can cancel whenever you want.

Weekly 1-1 tutoring with a qualified tutor in the native language of your child

One-on-one coaching to help your child with their tasks; they will also be given weekly feedback from one of our tutors to keep developing their skills.

Open the door to a world of coding

By following our roadmap, the students will develop their skills and be able to take on more demanding challenges as their understanding of how to code grows.

Sounds interesting?

About Us - Codiska

Our Team

Codiska is supported by Lund university and Ideon innovation and is a network of: Software Engineers, Education Experts, Cognitive Scientists, Experienced Teachers, Content Developers, Translators and Narrators, Mentors in various languages, from all around the world.

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About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska
About Us - Codiska

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