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    Education in Minecraft

    Minecraft is an excellent game with millions of players worldwide. It has many good aspects and is fun, challenging and requires creativity. Children can improve different skills that are important in real life, such as problem-solving skills and creativity or thinking outside the box. Minecraft lets children really work on their problem-solving skills.

    Around every 10 minutes, you find yourself in a problematic situation or a task you want to complete. However, you only have a certain amount of resources; and it is critical for you to find the most efficient solution for your survival.

    Minecraft’s environment is also a fantastic place for children to unleash their creativity in many different ways. They can find unique solutions to problems and create more efficient farms and ways to survive and crazier homes!

    Another great part about Minecraft is that it teaches children to manage their resources and learn that they do not have an unlimited amount of things to experiment with. Though there is a mode in Minecraft where you can have any resource you want without any issue and create amazing things, the main game mode is where children can try to combat the fact of finite resources!

    The game also shows the massive benefit of teamwork when playing multiplayer with friends or strangers you just met. It helps kids learn to organise tasks effectively while being in teams so that they can complete tasks faster. They can directly transfer the same concepts into the real world.

    There is a way to technically “beat” the game by defeating a boss; however, because it is an open world, children can decide what to do for themselves because the game does not force them to complete objectives. This independence and decision making among themselves is instrumental and can help them become more independent in real life.