What can Children do with Coding?

What can Children do with Coding? 

Learning to code is a great start to many things, like a new hobby, a place to experiment, a place to train your brain and a place to learn amazing things. Many children would love to jump into the world of Coding; it is quite a fascinating journey to learn it. But they also want to do something cool with programming right away!

One of the main things that come to mind when you think about Coding is video games, and one of the main things kids want to create using programming languages is games. Well, it will be a long way until you can make an amazing 3D game, but starting simple is the best step to take.

A simple game like Mastermind is both challenging and fun to create, and is also a great way to learn even more. There are countless game ideas that you can bring to life using your coding knowledge.

Arguably the most popular programming language, Python, is a fabulous place to start your programming and video game-making journey, one of the main reasons being that it is pretty easy to learn. There is a pre-installed library in Python called Turtle (a Python library is a reusable chunk of code that you may want to include and re-use in your programs/projects). Turtle gives you a canvas which can draw in using code. And many of these simple and popular started games like Mastermind are created using Turtle.

But do not always have to look elsewhere for inspiration for your coding creations. One of the main advantages of Coding is that it is literally a lab where you can experiment with anything you want, and create anything you want without any repercussions. So you should always think that you can create anything you want; even the most ambitious project is only a short way to go.